Reviewing 4 of the Best Books on Intermittent Fasting.

There are plenty of books written about Intermittent Fasting, so to save you time – and money- I have done some research and reviewed some of my favorite books in an attempt to help you find out which book will help you on your fasting journey the most.

So let’s jump in!

1. The Complete Guide to Fasting by Dr. Jason Fung.

Why I like this book: Dr. Jason Fung was one of the first people that made me want to start fasting. I watched all his videos on YouTube and became obsessed with his simple and straightforward explanation of what fasting does for the body.

His book, the Complete Guide to Fasting, is one of the best books out there that can help transform how people see food.

Jimmy Moore, with whom helped write this, is another pioneer in reintroducing fasting to the modern world. The book teaches you everything from learning how fasting was used by our ancestors right through to how it benefits the body.

I first came across Moore on Tom Bilyeu and have been following his talks ever since. He has greatly influenced me on the importance of taking your minerals when fasting which is a topic I have mentioned in my article “Combining the Keto Diet with Intermittent Fasting”.

This book is probably one of the best books out there for intermittent fasting and has helped hundreds of people reverse obesity ( this book together with another of Fung’s books The Obesity Code – another brilliant book I recommend reading) and helped them lose and keep the weight off.

Why I dislike this book: It can be a bit of heavy reading but if you are seriously passionate about learning everything there is to know about fasting then I would highly recommend it.


My ranking: 8/10

Where to buy: click here



2. Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting for Beginners: 2 Books in 1: KetoFasty and KetoFasty Cookbook: KetoFasty: The New Fast, Easy and Tasteful Diet for Women Weight Loss by Dr. Stephanie Ramos, Dr. Joseph Evans, Dr. William Moore.

  • Why I like this book: I loved how this book combined both the keto and IF in one as I feel this is key to shed those extra pounds of fat for good. I could clearly see this book was very well researched and did an excellent job of informing the reader on the benefits of keto IF as well as giving them an extensive meal plan so sticking with the ‘diet’ is even easier.

The recipes themselves are very easy to follow and tasty, made with ingredients that are not too expensive ( which is an issue I have found in some low-carb cookbooks). It is well written, well researched, and contains everything you want to know about Keto IF.

I also love how it gives the reader 7 full days of meal plans as well as a wide variety of yummy keto recipes.

  • Why I dislike this book:  Unfortunately there are some spelling and grammatical errors within the book which can make it seem a bit unprofessional at times. However I believe the work put in to this book outweighs these small errors.

My ranking: 9/10

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3. Delay, Don’t Deny: Living an Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle by Gin Stephens.

  • Why I like this book: I liked the format of the book, it was very exciting to read (for anyone who loves researching about improving health!).

The idea that you can eat whatever you want but just in one sitting is a (refreshing?) discovery in the dieting community. With so many diets out there where you have to eat small and frequently it can be a bit , excuse the language, a pain in the arse. Who has the time to eat all day? Certainly not me anyway.

The book is very well-written and explains the science behind IF wonderfully. It is a great read for someone starting their fasting journey.

However, I was quite torn on my feelings for this book as the information given on intermittent fasting is not what I believe to be true. I am disappointed in the lack of information given about the foods you should eat during these ‘eating windows’.

If I had written the book, I would have also included a shopping list of keto-friendly foods to enjoy when you can eat so you don’t undo any of the benefits you got while fasting.

  • Why I dislike this book: I found it difficult to agree with the author, mainly because I tried the OMAD diet and allowed myself to eat carbs and sugar etc so long as I did it in one sitting.

After a few weeks of trialing this method, I found that my energy levels after eating would be low for several hours of the day. I felt extremely sluggish and sick after my daily meal. Because of this I altered it to cutting out sugars and carbs completely and eating healthier. I had done extensive research and practically watched every YouTube video on Keto dieting and read loads of books on the subject in order to find out how to feel better mentally and physically. On days, I do have one meal nowadays I find by eating healthier it is far better for my energy levels and I no longer feel sick after eating.

My ranking: 8/10

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4. The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss by Dr. Jason Fung

Why I like this book: It goes without saying, if you haven’t read this book stop what your doing and go read it. This book was the game changer for anyone who has an interest in health eating.

To say I loved it is an understatement. What Dr. Fung has accomplished here is take the whole dieting formula and turned it on its head. He has brought us right back to basics and has reminded us that fasting has been around for generations.

He also informs people on the difference between starvation and fasting as that is the biggest confusion surrounding the fasting world. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to know how to start living a healthier life, whether you’re diabetic , obese or otherwise.

Why I dislike this book: This book is one of few books that I can fault. It is well-written, it tells you everything you need to know on the topic at hand, and I wouldn’t be surprised if after reading it you will be bitten by the IF- bug. However like ‘Delay, Don’t Deny’ there is not much on the types of foods you should eat when you are not fasting, or how to break a fast, which I strongly believe is as important as the fast itself.

My ranking: 9.5/10

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To conclude:

I hope you guys learned something from this article. These 4 books are definitely the first few books that come to mind when I think of informing people on the benefits of fasting.

I found that the more books I read on Fasting and Keto the easier it was for me to incorporate the tips and tricks I learned into my life. So I do encourage you guys to find out which books you reckon would be a good read for you and try them out! 🙂


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