Granola bars. Are they healthy or unhealthy? Surprisingly, most people do not know that granola bars you buy in your local petrol station as a ‘healthy snack’ are loaded with sugar.


People often mistakenly believe it is one of the ‘healthier’ snacks out there but this is far from the truth.

On average there is around 40g of sugar for every 100g of bar. That is an insane amount of sugar for your body! – ESPECIALLY for someone that is trying to stick to a keto or high fat low carb diet!

Keto snacks don’t often sound too yummy do they? No carb snacks – is that even possible? Well believe it or not they exist AND they taste amazing too!

So as a present for you lovely readers I have taken the time to write down one of my favorite keto treats that will leave you feeling full and your taste buds satisfied without that additional guilt!

My sugar addiction story

A few years back I might have gone through 2 packets of chocolate digestive biscuits, malteasers, murdered a tub of Ben and Jerry’s and still would have had room for more. I was a complete sugar addict to say the least.

However, it did have a really bad side effect on me and I would experience heavy mood swings throughout the week. I would also never feel full at all and would constantly be reaching for more.

I would also beat myself up when the scales’ number skyrocketed – which of course would only lead to me wanting more chocolate to comfort me.

This vicious cycle continued until I started reading up on Ketogenic Diet, which, thanks to it being a high fat low carb diet, it kept me feeling full for longer without the mood swings.

However that doesn’t mean I still don’t have the occasional craving for something chocolate-y. On these days, I like to have prepared something keto-friendly and of course tasty.

The Ketogenic Kitchen

I got this recipe in the Ketogenic Kitchen recipe book which I have mentioned before on My Keto Made Easy.

–>Click here to see why this book is a must have for anyone considering going keto. <–

This book is highly recommended for anyone starting their keto journey as it has many wonderful simple, quick and above all HEALTHY recipes that can help kick start you into the best shape of your life (mentally as well as physically).

Thanks to both Domini Kemp and Patricia Daly, I have found the best keto granola bar that satisfies my chocolate cravings but doesn’t make me feel guilty about eating it!

So without further ado… here is the recipe:

The BEST keto granola bars (possibly everrr)

what you will need: (makes 12 bars)

100g unsalted macadamia nuts (if you don’t have these I recommend using walnuts instead as they taste quite similar)

90g walnut halves

50g dark chocolate (any)

65g desiccated coconut

45g ground almonds

– 240g hazelnut butter

– 50g coconut oil melted

– 1tsp vanilla essence (optional)

One of the great things about The Ketogenic Kitchen is that it shows you how much fat, protein, carb and fiber you are putting into your body which is ideal for someone who is trying to do a high fat low carb diet.

For this particular recipe per portion of granola bars :

– net carbs is 2.7g

– protein is 6.3g

– fat is 37g (very good amount of fat!)

– fiber is 2.3 g

This is a very good ratio for someone who is sticking to strict keto as you get a good amount of fats and a low amount of carbs.


place all nuts and the chocolate in a food processor and grind to a course flour. In a separate bowl mix together the hazelnut butter, coconut oil and vanilla.

Combine with dry ingredients and put into a small loaf tin.

Put in freezer for 1 hour to set. Cut into 12 bars. Store in the fridge.

This simple recipe is very easy to prepare and is a big favorite in my household. I recommend preparing night before and make as many batches as is possible (tends to be eaten quickly lol).

It is very filling so be careful eating too much at once!

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2 thoughts on “KETO SNACK recipe review -KETO GRANOLA BARS.”

  1. Hey Clodagh, I like your post on the cravings , I like biscuits and sweets (at the that time of my period), I have found your post so inspiring in that I can eat what I like and still not get into trouble. Thank you for the recipe( easy peasy). I have a daughter who has a sweet tooth and I believe your recipe will do wonders and I like the fact that it is healthy.

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