Combining the Keto Diet with Intermittent Fasting – why its more effective.

The Ketogenic Diet.

I feel like the word ‘keto’ can be found almost anywhere – online, in health magazines and news stories, and  in the health food aisles in supermarkets.

From the other articles I have written I have mentioned the amazing effects that keto can do to your body.

The first time I heard about intermittent fasting was in a hairdressing salon. I was bored, flicking through an old celeb magazine and I stopped when I came across an article explaining intermittent fasting.

At first, I was skeptical; how could starving yourself for periods of time possibly be of any good to the body? I became even more curious, I wanted to be proven wrong- that fasting could actually be the easiest, quickest and SAFEST way to lose body fat.

Thankfully, that article DID prove me wrong that day. It let me to research more into the amazing world of fasting – and led to me setting up this blog!

So, today I want to share with you this information, on why combining the keto diet with intermittent fasting,in the hopes that this article can do what that article did for me.

What science says:

The Ketogenic Diet or ‘Keto diet’ is a diet designed to make the body run on ketones (fat) for fuel. The body, in today’s society is mainly running on sugars (carbohydrates) for fuel because of the amount of carb-rich foods that are so readily available to us.

By eating foods rich in fats, like avacados and nuts, and low in carbohydrates, like pastas and breads, your body will enter a process known as ketosis. When this happens, your body can use up fat already stored in the body and convert it to the main source of ‘fuel’ or energy for the body.

fat is a higher source of energy than glucose(carbohydrates).

So effectively you will be losing weight while gaining more energy.

Unfortunately, the information handed to us by scientists teaches us that carbs should be the main fuel source for us. *smh*

Is there any wonder why mental illnesses, cancer, diabetes and obesity have all increased since this ‘study’ was made public; that carbs are good for you and you should eat more of them…?

We were also told to eat often throughout the day. Skipping breakfast is still met with gasps and mutters of ‘that’s bad for you!’s.

Our entire day consists of eating and the times we are not eating we’re still thinking about eating. It’s crazy.

This kind of ‘healthy advice’ that has managed to root itself in the minds of everyone is what makes it very difficult to even consider doing something like not eat carbs and not eating often.

Fat burning mode:

By combining both keto and intermittent fasting (which I’ll refer to as IF from now on) you train your body to use fat as the main source of fuel for the body.

This the fuel that many believe is the natural fuel our ancestor’s bodies ran on. It is a much cleaner fuel for the body meaning its very difficult to get sick when you are in ketosis – not many diseases thrive on ketones as apposed to glucose ( most cancer cells LOVE sugar).

You will get so much more energy simply because what you eat (if you are eating 70%+ fats) is being used up and not stored.

It also is great because when you are not eating i.e. fasting your body won’t notice much because it was already running on fat and body fat is the same type of fat.

This means you can burn more fat and not have hunger pains!

This is why combining IF is a great way to lose more weight faster in a healthy and safe way. IF also means the body can go into autophagy (which I will discuss in another article so stay tuned!).

Another benefit is…

Your Brain Fog Lifts.

Many people have reported that they work better when they are on a Keto IF diet, your brain thrives better when your body is running on fats.

Even though your brain does need some glucose to function, this doe not mean you need to eat carbs.

Your body undergoes a process that converts the fat,either stored or not, into glucose that helps fuel the brain. (This is one of the big arguments against keto).

One of the reasons why your brain works more efficiently on ketones goes back to our predecessors when they had no food to eat but needed to hunt.

They had no supermarkets they could run to. If they didn’t catch something, they would eventually starve to death. (once they used up most of their stored fats on their body).

Nature isn’t stupid, it wouldn’t design the body in such a way that once they stopped eating they lost all their energy and died. In fact, it is at this point when they need the most amount of energy because they needed to plan how they were going to find their food, how they were going to kill it and everything in between. They needed to be thinking clearly in order to survive.

Thanks to them, our bodies work in much the same ways as it did back then. People report that there work improves and their focus sharpens on an empty stomach! It is actually once our predecessors eat that they can relax and they get tired. Most of us have experienced this feeling before too : Have you ever ate a big dinner and feel like you need to lie down afterwards?

Gut health improves.

This website is mainly focused on showing people that the keto diet is much more than a method to lose weight.

It can be used to help with a wide range of illnesses including Autism and even gut related problems too like Irritable Bowel Syndrome . I have spoken before on the relationship between gut and brain and I TRULY believe that this diet can completely change how your body functions. It can heal your gut.

Keto and the gut: take a look at this YouTube video: (read the comment section too to see the amount of people that have written their stories with keto diet and how it transformed their gut health).

IF and the gut: One of the great things about fasting is that it allows the digestive system to take a break and allowing the body to ‘clean up’ itself and heal itself.

These two things are why I believe fasting heals the gut. Your body is truly amazing in how it knows how to manage itself.

It REQUIRES periods of fasting; if you look back fasting has always been a part of society. Many religions still encourage it. And there is a reason why it is has been around for thousands of years.

I hope the information I have left here for you guys is of some use and has changed your view of keto and/or fasting. If you have any questions or anything you can leave a comment down below. If you want to leave your story of how Keto/IF has helped improve your life in some way I would LOVE to hear about it 🙂

Thanks so much for reading!

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